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    Mar 14, 2015
    I am a first time chicken owner who is trying to build my coop and I have alot of questions. I seems like every where I look or read has a different opinion. . So I guess I'm asking for more so here it goes

    1. I don't have a garage or basement so I will be keeping my brooder box inside. how much mess will it make?

    2. Because I don't have much room inside I want to move them outside as soon as possible. Is 4 weeks to young to move them into a coop with a heating lamp (I know the fire risk but just until they are big enough)?

    3. I built my brooder pretty secure but I have cats and dogs inside. WIL it drive them crazy if I keep the birds inside?

    4. I have heard anywhere between 2-6sq ft per chicken for the coop size. I am getting 6 chicks I was planning on a 4x4 coop to make it easier with lumber and plywood (that is most often 4x8)with nesting boxes on the outside.also I am what you could call a "suburban" farmer so yard space is limited. Is this too small?

    5. I plan on my run being 4x12. I live I a very wet area and sometimes my yard has large puddles. I was thinking to help wit mud laying down med size gravel for drainage then added a layer of this okay for the chickens?

    6.I live in southwest Pennsylvania and winters here are cold and snowy. My run will be covered. Should I insulate the coop?

    Bonus question
    I am also a beekeeper and I have two hives which will be close to the coop. Do the bees bother the chickens and/or will the chickens bother the bees?
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    Mar 14, 2015
    Very helpful thank you!
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    Feb 16, 2015
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    The responses you receive may be many and varied so, speaking as a newbie myself, I suggest you keep reading and then read some more. I generally check out the profiles of members with at least a 3 year membership standing. Most of those members have great pictures and informative posts. Typically, cats, birds and dogs make for a volatile cocktail and inherently dangerous when in close or closed quarters.
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    I would suggest making you coop and run as large as you can afford to do so, with more emphasis on the coop for now. You can always extend the run, if needed later. The reason I say this is because I was planning on getting 6 chicks as well, and then the chicken math has set in before I have even got the first chick. As of now, I plan on getting about 10-12 max,well, I say that now. For whatever reason it is, it seems like most people that start raising chickens always want more later. That being said, you may want to consider making your coop a little bigger, just in case. Just my .02 worth.

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