Building a coop that hides chickens from neighbors


Apr 14, 2014
My Coop
My Coop
I am building my wife a coop. She has always wanted chickens. I bought her 6 chicks on her birthday. Now, they are living in a brooder in the kitchen.

We went around and round. Finally, she selected a coop. It is basically a cross between three coops in the Backyard Chickens book ("Feather Factory, Kathryn's Playhouse, and Cooke's Walk-in Coop). It is probably closest to Cooke's coop.

We have 6 chicks. I wanted the coop to be big enough. The hen house will be 4' x 6'. The run will be be 6' x 10'. That should be plenty of space.

I decided to buy a new tool for the job. That is half the fun of a new project: buying new tools. I bought the Kreg joiner recommended by Cooke's coop. It was a good purchase and helped things go pretty quickly.

Here is the first wall with my helpers...

Here is the final frame. Not too bad for one day's work:
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First, Happy Easter to all.

Today was a limited day but we still got a lot done.

We put linoleum on the main floor, built 5 roof joists, and laid the roofing plywood.

Here the "after" shot:
Today was a good day. We added hardware cloth to the bottom, added walls to the top, did some more painting.

This is quite a fun project.
The stealth coop is coming along nicely. I think it will make the neighbors and the chickens happy.

This is the side facing most of the neighbors. I forgot to mention that I also have septic mound. So the mound helps hide the coop.

Here is the that same side up close:

Here is the south side. They should get plenty of sun from this side. The door will have screen soon.
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This was a busy weekend. We did get the coop painted and the door mounted...

First, our 4 week old red sex links are enjoying their first day outside.

Here is a shot of the coop:


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