Building an "A frame" mobile run


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9 Years
Jul 27, 2010
Built my first A-frame chicken tractor it's 10' x 12' x 6.5'. I was feeling really bad about how many hatched out from my last batch. The brooder I have setup is only for 20 chicks max and then only for one week. I read some posts about pasture poultry on the web and I wanted something like that setup for my meat birds except I wanted them to be able to fly in it if they so choose. A 2 foot roof would not allow that. Materials and all only cost me about $200. I did used 68 feet of my 150 ft roll of chicken wire though
and that was 62$ when I bought it at Lowes! I converted the 1 gallon red bottom waterer to a hanging waterer with some wire left over from the shock fence I setup two years ago the same with the feeder. any long story short the chicks are going nutz!~ in the new area they are flying all over the place finding stuff in the grass left right and center. They are also going right in for a dirt bath which surprised me because they have never seen another chicken do that yet. All that's left is to attach the ring system for pulling it around the yard and I am finished. I am relieved and they are happy it's a good ending for this part of the chicken saga. BTW the amount of chicks was 40 of 41 eggs setup in a TSC incubator w/o fan. next set is going to hatch next week oops?

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