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  1. floridagramps

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I am building an 8x10 coop for 10 birds. I am thinking of building an above ground run 8' x 20' x 2'high. Top enclosed to hamper hawks. Bottom to be some wire mesh that is predator proof and kind to chickens feet. Chickens to have auto access to this run via electric door opener. Would hardware mesh be a good solution for bottom?

    Frequently we will let birds access a fenced in grassy area protected by electronet fencing by Premier.We have lots of acreage so we may rotate this grassy ranging area on a regular basis to avoid bare earth, muddy run situation.

    The ground is very hard and dry and full of rock shards. Digging post holes with clam shell digger is going to be a horrible job

    Any comments or suggestions much appreciated.

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    May 16, 2011
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    What will you be putting on the wire mesh? I imagine a lot of their food/poo/straw etc will fall through even the smaller stuff and it would be difficult for the chooks to scratch around on it. Can you do a raised run with a solid floor at all?
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    You don't have to set posts in the ground just to hold up wire for a chicken pen.

    If the ground is fairly level you can build it like a normal wall with a bottom and top plate.

    Drill through the bottom plate in a few places and drive in some rebar to keep it in place, although it's not going anywhere anyway, even if it's not anchored to the ground

    The biggest problem I see with the plan is you'll have a run you can't get into when you need to clean it out

    Not everything is going to fall through the wire, and it's going to take a lot of cross braces to support the wire in order to keep it from sagging

    I really doubt the chickens would spend a lot of time in there because they won't be able to dig around in the dirt, and will get bored

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