Building an incubator


10 Years
Jun 14, 2009
I made the mistake of reading to many threads in this sub-forum.

Building from scratch, using good, but leftover material.

24" w X 18" d X 30" h

Got a waffer thermostat from a local feed and seed.

110v fan from radio shack

two porcelean light sockets, wire, and various supplies from local hardware.

Should be ready for a test run Monday or Tuesday of next week.
Pics comming ----

Also would like critique, on placement of fan, thermostat, lights. You know all the stuff that would make a sharp learning curve more gradual.
I would love to help, and you are so lucky to have a retailer for wafer thermostats, if I need a new wafer, I have to order one.

Check out my incubator for the placement of certain things. It's on my page, Look under Update on Fridge Incubator.

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