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7 Years
Dec 28, 2012
I am not sure if this is where I should our this or not. But here goes.
I have been looking online now at incubators. The nice fancy 700 plus cabinet incubators. I am really wanting one. But honestly ill have to save for a few months before I can get one and well, by then I may not have the chance to get the eggs.... so I am wondering if anyone has built on. I need help!! I am thinking maybe a mini fridge or a wine fridge would work. I can probably score one for free off Cl. This is my and dbfs first time ever trying this. Is there a kit I can buy so I don't have to do a bunch of electrical work? Or is thee anyone near me who can build one for me if I buy the supplies?
Where in TN. are you? I'm by bowling green ky. I built one out of an old fridge that would hold 6 auto egg turners and 48 egg each turner. That's 288 eggs.
Or I can put it 2 more shelfs and it will hold 4 more turners.

I went by a pic I seen on eBay and went at it. I did learn ALOT threw trial and fail. Lol. And trashed a lot of eggs. But if you wish to come and see it ill be more then happy to show you. Also I can get you a large fridge for 5-10 here. Or I may just sell the one I built. Don't know yet.
I live near tazwell. I can get the stuff to build it but I do not know how. I am waiting to do a mini fridge one. Or maybe a wine cooler one. Dbf and I are wanting to try to build one but I do not know what to get or where to start.
I used a large fridge the top is my heat and humidity box with a bathroom exhaust fan to pull the heat down to the eggs. Controlled my a thermostat. Also I have another exhaust fan in the egg cabinet/lower part to keep the air moving.

Tips I learned use 1 25w bulb, keep this setup in doors if not it will get to hot during the summer out doors, lots of vent holes drilled in to the egg box it's self 20 at very top and 20 at the bottom 1/2" 10 each side. Lots of bleach after each hatching. Then let it air out for a few days, I used 2 large stainless pans for your humidity keep one below the light, to increase the humidity place a large sponge in the pan and let it float, I placed bricks in the bottom of mine where the heat blows out from the heat box. They will absorb the heat and release it slowly as the box cools. There is more but I can't think of it now.

Sorry I can't find tazzwell tn on the map.

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