Building an "Old Style" henhouse.....move in day!....... (pics)

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    Everytime I go by a old farmstead, I like to look at the old buildings and see the uniqueness of each. When I first decided to get chickens, the first thing you think of is what kind of coop will I need. I started looking through the internet and found the one currently in my avatar and thought that someday I want one like it. The kind of chicken coop you would likely see around a old farmstead.

    I inquired around to find an old coop (BTW, I like things old) some farmer no longer wanted and I could bring it home on my trailer.....but everyone that was willing to give one away usually had a lot of problems that went along with it. It happens to be I am a building contractor, so it didn't take me long to decide to build one myself.

    Since we are currently 12" deep in snow, I am not able to do any home construction so this would be a ideal time to build this new coop in my driveway, and since it is portable, when it gets finished (and the snow is gone where it needs to finally go) I will move it with my farm tractor to it's final destination.

    The first step was to get the local lumberyard to deliver the framing package. I decided that a 10 x 16 was a good size for me.


    Then my youngest son Chris and I began framing the exterior walls in my barn where there is no snow and a good flat surface to do the work. After the walls were all framed, we stood them up and went on to the floor system.


    The floor system is 2x6 floor joists laid out on 2 foot centers with a treated 4x6 as the skids, and also a bearing point for the floor joist so that it will be a solid floor. Then I used 3/4" square edge o.s.b. for a floor. Now would have been a good time fo put a 10 x 16 piece of linoleum down....but I am impatient, that will come later.



    Then the next step was to carry those wall sections (pictured earlier) out and nail them to the floor system. I used 2x4 14's cut to 7' for studs and spaced them 16 " on center. I wanted more headroom than I had at 6 foot, but thought 8 foot was too much. I wanted to be able to stand up straight anywhere inside of the new coop. This is the end where my door will go, it is not currently framed down to door size since I will be looking to see what I can find in the scratch and dent area of the lumber yard and then frame it accordingly.


    This is the front view, which will have two windows 42" in heighth and 5 foot in width. I have some Andersen windows that were replaced from a house I remodeled last summer and figured they would be perfect for this.


    Now I need to work on the roof framing, which you can see by my avatar will be two different rooflines at different heights with windows in that short wall.

    I will post updates as I progress through this project, I hope you will enjoy the process as I go through it.
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    It looks like the project is coming along great! Please keep us posted on the progress.
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    Remember my address when you go to move that
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    very nice! Is it going to look like your avatar?

    I wanted to use our old smoke house thats org to our house, but..DH wouldnt let me LOL! So we had to build our coop too... now I wish I had just went ahead and used the smoke house - could have gotten more chickens that way [​IMG]
  5. Steve

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    Quote:It won't be that long, but I am going to try to make it as close as I can to the avatar. I have no measurements from the avatar pic, but just going by what looks right, or fits.
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    Wow, that is going to be very nice !!!!

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    Me thinks when he is done and has perfected his technique he is going to come over and build me one!! [​IMG] After all, I am practically his neighbor!! [​IMG]
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    Doing great Steve...take today off. It is way to cold to be working outside!
  9. wyliefarms

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    Well Vicki...maybe if Steve has a craving for the Fowlerville Farms restaurant he can come my way and build on too!

  10. Steve

    Steve Ye Olde Henhouse Builder

    Quote:Ut oh.....what have I started.....[​IMG]

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