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    We own a large barn in upstate NY. The winters can be harsh. We are looking to build a coop inside the barn with a run. They will also be able to go outside and for now will have an enclosed run. If it works out they will free range and share a pasture with 7 Female Alpaca. We have one existing block wall and ceiling and want to build something inside that will allow them to be warm enough in the below zero weather we sometimes have. I have looked through a number of threads and photos and I’m not really seeing anything that is enclosed inside. The barn is old as we are working on filling in any holes with mortar. We are going to build a pen for the Alpaca right next to the chicken pen. Right now the Alpacas are set up for food, water, and bedding in the area that will be penned in and they stick to it really well even though we haven’t built the pens yet. The chickens and alpacas will be the only animals in the barn this winter. The barn has three parts as it was built in 3 different decades. I am using the newer portion. Will anyone point me in a more specific direction as to what we need to build? We would like to order rough cut 2x10’s from the Amish this week so that we can build their area this weekend as they are getting to big for their brooder. It doesn’t need to be pretty, just functional. Their area will be from
    It’s after that first window past the second window. Please help!

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    Sounds like a great idea to me! Biggest concern with any coop space is to make sure it is dry, and has plenty of ventilation. Aside from that, the girls usually aren't too picky. You'll find some great ideas for any budget on the coop & run forum. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with!
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    I remember nearly twenty years ago when Rocking T Ranch was still around and they had all their pens in barns. This link may interest you.

    I for the life of me can not find any better pictures of their set up. Back when they were still breeding photos of their breeders showed the pens much better than their FAQ on how to do it... *sigh*
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    The 2 walls that will touch the window wall I would make the bottom solid, then wire up until the roof. I would put a poop shelf against one of the side walls, with the thought that the outside wall will be cold. As time goes on... maybe put a solid bit of wall from the top of the poop shelf to the perch (to make things easier to clean... so poop doesn't stick in the wire) or to a bit above the perch -stop at right above chicken head height (if the barn is drafty to block drafts so roosting chickens are roosting in still air).

    The front wall, parallel to the outside wall, I would make all wire, except for a solid bottom strip to hold in bedding.

    You do not want to close them up in a box.

    I am also hoping that somewhere in the barn there is a big open wire covered window that will let in fresh air.
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    You do not show where you live but Alaskan knows harsh weather would love to see photos when done there must be a window of two for ventilation a key to no frostbite
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    Welcome to BYC! @CWA131419
    Check out my coop page....will be back later to look at your situation more closely.
    Here's how to add your general geographical location to your profile.
    It's easy to do, (laptop version shown), then it's always there!
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    I am going to look through the replies right now. Then I will answer the questions. My goal is to have the best layout for the chickens so they can thrive and be happy. They are my pets and the eggs are a bonus. My husband can build anything we just aren’t sure what to do inside with cold weather approaching which is why we thought maybe a coop with a wire fenced in area inside barn and a run that would go up the ramp and down the other side through the window would work well. Struggling on letting them sort of free range outside as they would be in a pasture with a 4 foot fence with my 7 Alpaca.
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    They don’t need an inside box/coop with the option of being outside the coop when the temperature can get below 0? I want to make it so clean up is the most efficient right from the start. The barn is not heated and can be drafty. We are going to put a tarp up that leads to the older areas of the barn to help with wind. That boarded up area in the picture is actually a slim rectangular window that no longer has glass in it. My biggest concern really is to keep them warm enough. What set up do you have as Alaska is on par with us for low temps.
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    Well... Alaska is a huge state....

    Some areas have lows of 20F, some areas have lows of -60F or more. :oops:

    So how cold does it get where you are? And don't include wind chill... or random super cold but only lasted a day or two.... what are the coldest week long temps that you tend to get?
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