Building coops with stuff from Craigslist?


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Okay, so I've seen coops built from swingsets, playgrounds, plastic kid cottages, but what else could be useful? I can't seem to find anyone selling those items for less than $60, but maybe in the next few days I'll get lucky and someone would be selling one for that much.
But any other ideas?
Thank you!
I just started making a chicken tractor and have acquired tons of materials for very little money. I got most of the wood (in the form of old doors, bed frames, pallets, etc) from the Habitat ReStore near my house. I was also able to find hinges, drawer pulls and roof shingles there. I am also on Freecyle and when I posted asking for supplies another member offered me her chicken coop leftovers. Good luck and think creatively!!
I'm using freecycle, craigslist "free" section, kindness of strangers, and have been stalking the craigslist "materials" section - you can find some good buys/treasures there.
good luck!
Go for it!

My son got a lot of wood from a dumpster when they were remodeling a store. He had to pull out a lot of nails, but he had the time to do it & saved quite a bit of money doing so. We have used some of it to build a coop and a tool bench, etc.

BTW, he did ask permission first. lol I think construction sites would be a great place to ask for some of their wood, too.
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THis tractor made from recycled everything except the hardware wire and nails.




Good Luck!

A good thing for me is free coroplast. I get that from convenience
stores that have large advertising signs. It is the plastic cardboard stuff.
Ask the manager and often they will give you the old signs. Turn them
around and they are white.

I'm collecting pieces now for my large coop because it is easy to clean plastic.
Just so many good uses for this stuff. There is a lady that made walls for her
barn with it.

It is bendable, somewhat paintable, easy to clean. Measure it like plywood but,
cut with scissors.

Sometimes it helps to think unconventional with materials.


Beer can shingles, soda pop siding, old dresser, coroplast interior walls.

I'll finish soon lol.
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