Building First Coop - Determining Coop Size

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  1. GBryant890

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    Mar 1, 2016
    I'm building my first coop for what I thought was four but is now six chickens. I was planning on building a raised 4x4 foot platform and building the coop on that. I plan to build a 12x4 foot enclosed run with the coop covering 4x4 feet of it. I'm also going to attach a much larger open space made from 2x4 inch fencing. The chickens would have regular access to this large area. Since I'm getting six instead of four chickens, would it be a better idea to make the coop 4x6 feet instead of 4x4 feet? Everything I've read says each chicken needs 4 sq. feet of space so the coop should be 4x6 feet. But since they'll have plenty of space underneath the coop in the run, and ready access to a larger area, would this be a potential problem?
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    Sep 30, 2015
    there needs to be a min. of 4 sq feet per bird within the coop and 10 for the run I would go bigger. Welcome to BYC

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