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    Apr 17, 2012
    So we will be getting 6 chicks this weekend and will be building a coop very soon for them. After lots and lots of time on the internet looking at coops, coop plans, etc.. we've decided we want to try and build our own.

    We live in Iowa and I've been keeping a vegetable garden for the past two years. We're trying to move our veggies to containers instead of just in the ground (partly because I want to let the strawberries continue to take over my garden plot and leave it as a berry patch), and figured it would be great for us to make a garden container roof on our coop! I've seen a couple designs like this, but haven't really found any plans that will work for our specific needs. So, today, I'm going to start drawing my own plans!

    I'd love to hear any tips or experiences anyone has had with this type of coop - and, of course, see pictures! [​IMG]


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