Building my own coop for the first time

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  1. lostboy

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    Jan 9, 2017
    I am building my own coop and want it to last. I know a lot of people use dirt floors inside the coop but was wondering if anyone had any input on using 12in or 16in patio stones for the foundation/slab? My idea is to bury concrete blocks around the perimeter of the stones, lay mesh under the patio stones then either add a little quickcrete to make it more solid or leave the just the way they are for drainage purposes. Wooden building, shavings for the floor covering. Thinking 6x6. It is for 6 chickens. 3 standard 3 bantams.
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    Sep 13, 2011
    southern Michigan
    Welcome! Plywood comes in 4'x8' sheets, and I would build larger, and also take advantage of the standard sizes of building materials. Climate matters, so let us know about where you live; Arizona is not Minnesota! Dirt floors are fine, as long as there's a dig proof perimeter/ foundation. Concrete there is a good idea. Have you looked at Woods coop plans? I'd love to have one! Otherwise, a modified shed, or a three sided structure works well, with lots of hardware cloth over all openings. Mary
  3. lostboy

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    Jan 9, 2017
    I'm in Florida. Lots of rain at times. Trying to spend the least amount of money as possible due to unexpected emergencies. At the same time, it needs to be built in the best interest of the chickens. My dad uses a dirt floor but his is always muddy and disgusting. He also has 57 chickens and I only have 6. I will be adding a 60ft run and the chickens get a few hours of free roam time in the back yard. I was trying to avoid plywood due to all the rain and moisture.
  4. Howard E

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    Feb 18, 2016
    As for your patio pavers idea, I think it would work.Tops of them would want to be elevated above anything else such that they would always drain and be dry.

    Do you have a sketch or set of plans you are working with?

    What part of Florida? You may want to have a really open coop for ventilation. Heat being a much bigger factor for you than cold.
  5. junebuggena

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    Apr 17, 2015
    Long Beach, WA
    In Florida, you are going to need pressure treated lumber. No way around it in that climate. You will also need stainless steel or galvanized hardware. No plated or zinc. Building it right, the first time, will be a whole lot cheaper than using the wrong/cheaper materials now and having to redo everything later on.
    Pressure treated plywood will handle the rain and moisture just fine. It's particle board or MDF that you need to avoid.
  6. lostboy

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Thanks for the responses. I'm in central Florida and do not have plans I'm working off off. I'm trying to figure out the best way of doing it. My father has built many coops but I do not agree with the way he does his so I'm trying to do my own that will be dry, safe and I can clean properly. I have pressure treated lumber for the structure but no plywood. I can get some of that would be a better option. Would the way to do that be sinking a cinder block perimeter in the ground with another layer on top and then have the plywood floor anchored to blocks? Would linoleum be a good choice to lay over the wood floor to prevent mites, mold and other issues?
  7. N F C

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    Dec 12, 2013
    I used to live in central FL and linoleum was very helpful in keeping the floor clean in my coop. I was able to clean out old bedding material, scrub the floor down well then let dry and never had a problem with mites or mold.

    In addition to the replies you have here, you might want to ask the members on the FL state thread for some input on your coop build. They can tell you what's worked best for them.

    Good luck with your project!
  8. lostboy

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    Jan 9, 2017
    Thanks for the link. I will ask them for ideas
  9. FlyWheel

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    Mar 19, 2016
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    My Coop
    Have you thought of looking through some of the coops built by other members? I scoured the coops pages before building mine, looking for the strong and weak points of each design and working from there. Many of them even include plans (I know mine does).
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  10. lostboy

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    Jan 9, 2017
    I've been trying to look at some. It's the foundation and floor that I'm concerned about. I'm not sure what the best option is

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