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Apr 5, 2011
hello, i,m am making a new incubator and was wondering is the light blub better on the bottom or at the top of the incubator.. and do egg do better standing up or on there side in incubater

thanks thomas:)

You can go to the "coop design" section and see some incubators for yourself.You can see where they put it and then its your decision.
hi another question
what the idea of putting jars of water with lids on into the incubator????
The jar of water absorbs heat and then slowly releases it. It helps to stabilize the temperature.

My preference is heat at the bottom, then the water for humidity right above the heat to help it evaporate. Then the fan at the top. Heat rises and when it gets to the top, the fan mixes it around.
hi me again another question
i am using a water thermostat it swings between 98.8 and 101.5 is that to much .

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