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Mar 23, 2016
Hi Everyone
I posted back in March that I bought one of the chicken coops for my three new chicks. I am happy to say the coop has held up very well. Although they only time they are in it is at dusk when they go to bed.
They love roaming around the property spending their days foraging for creepy crawly treats.
Although I love that they have 5 acres to roam free and frolic, I am now realizing that they are showing signs that they are ready to lay eggs any day so we are in the process of completeing a 8x10 run.
The the tiny one that is attached to the Costco coop is just not big enough for my free rangers. We plan on putting the whole coop inside the run so they still have their original house they love to much.
I have a few questions....
Since they love the bark and dirt in my garden to make they dust baths in, is that ok to use in the run? if so how often do I need to clean it? Or can I just refresh it once in awhile.
Also they very rarely eat their chicken food and I only give them an evening treat , small handful of grated cheese for all three, or some frozen corn. Most of the food they get is from the property.. small frogs, and bugs. Is it ok? Their food I keep in the coop and leave it open so they can get to it anytime they want but seems they would rather have what they can catch.
I still plan on letting them free range after the run is finished, but only when I am home. Partly to save my garden and the other to keep an eye on the egg layer.
Thank you, any feedback is much appreciated.

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