Building pens on to existing building

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  1. Nupine

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    Nov 21, 2007
    We live on a hill, so we can't just build coops anywhere. We have some room around our garage, so we decided to build onto it. We are building 3 pens that are 6'x6' or 8' which will hold a small flock of bantams or our turkens. The side of the garage doesn't get much wind, and is shady. To keep expense down, I would like to build as much of it in wire as possible, but still be warm enough. We are using the side of the garage as the back of the pens. I am NOT Bob the Builder, so I need a little help. Does anyone have pics of pens they built off an excisting building I can see? Anything would help. Thanks!
  2. MandyH

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    I don't have a pic, but we just built onto a shed this weekend. All you need is to set your two corner posts, then pull your wire and make a door. If you want some protection, come up off the ground with sheets of tin or some wood 1x4's. Basically you are building a lean to and fencing it in.

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