Building tractor with raised coop on one end. Should floor be wire?

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  1. Is it ok to put a wire floor in my coop? I will be raising mainly heavy chickens
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  2. I am just finishing up my tractor and can't decide on a wire or plywood bottom. Please help me decide
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    seems a plywood bottom in a tractor would defeat the purpose of it?

    use wire, so they can scratch the dirt, pick at the plants, and eat the bugs.

    and in return give you some nice fertilizer in that spot.
  4. there is a coop at the end of the tractor. It is about 12" off the ground.
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    May 24, 2007
    IMO, it's always hard on their feet for them to be on wire. If they can have access to another surface all the time to get off the wire then I think it's doable.

    Plus, chickens live to scratch ... that means they need to have access to the bare ground.

    If they are only on the wire at night and are outside on the ground during the day I think that would work really well.
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    Plywood. You can always find some left over laminate/vinyl flooring to protect the wood from moisture, but I hate wire.
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    You should have a solid surface for chickens to stand on. Use plywood in the coop section but install a big enough door for easy cleaning.
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    Use plywood in the 'house' part of the tractor; an open bottom (no wire) on the rest of the tractor. You will need to bed the house part with a couple inches of shavings (etc) and clean it off every few days max.

    Please consider making the space underneath the 'house' part more than 12" if at all possible, if these are standard chickens not banties. Even just the difference between 12" and 15-16" makes a big difference for how comfortably chickens can go under there, and you want them to be able to use as much of the tractor space as freely as possible.

    Have fun,

  9. The chickens will not have access under the coop. I will go with a plywood bottom.

    Thanks everyone for the help.

  10. [​IMG]

    Here are some pics of the new chicken tractor. Still need the metal roofing and wheels

    What do you think?

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