Building your own incubator

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  1. Has anyone every built their own? I currently have a Little Giant styrofoam bator thats still air. I've had some success with it, but recently I've wanted one a little bigger.

    But call me cheap, I can't afford an incubator that is hundreds of dollars. Even second hand ones that I have found, are out of my budget.

    So I am thinking of building my own, plus its more fun to me if you build your own stuff.

    Anyone have any pics of ones they've built, or any tips?
  2. tnkinhunting

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    Do a search for homemade incubator - there are several great threads with lot's of pic and how to info. You will be amazed! [​IMG]
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    there are some good videos on youtube on how to build incubators
  4. How awesome is that one thread! WOW! All out of an ice chest! That is great, and I bet it works just as good as the commercially produced ones.
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    Yeah, thats like asking the Pope if he's ever eaten bread!

    Check it out here, gather the supplies and go for it.
  6. I definitely will. I've thought about building my own incubator for a while now, and I've found a few sets of plans online. But usually they are put out by ag extension offices, or college ag classes, and they usually aren't very helpful. The pictures are usually sketches, the diagrams are usually not very detailed, and the instructions are written in such a way that you need an electricians degree to read them.

    This thread is so much easier to read and understand. I'm going to start gathering materials this week. I probably have all that stuff laying around...
  7. Sharedspirit

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    That is a great incubator! I'm going to try to make one also.

    I wish I could make an egg turner too! We used our's once and now it won't work. It gets hot but doesn't turn.
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    Check out the link in my sig line for two of my homemade bators.
  9. That rocks! I love that little fridge one! I bet its very well insulated. I'm going into idea overload!!!

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