Builing a coop for 4 bantams & 4 standards?


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Mar 14, 2015
What dimensions should I build for two young "flocks" I am planning to combine once the new coop is built?
One flock is bantams: one roo and three pullets; and the other flock is four standard pullets. The bantams are 10 weeks old and the standards are 1 week old so I have plenty of time before move in day.
I know the bantams are ready to go outside now, but I want both flocks to be new to the coop together to hopefully put them all at the same pecking level and have less fighting???

In the meantime I have the chick brooder in the same area as the bantam cage, so they can hear and see each other.


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Dec 18, 2018
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I'm not sure where you are & if you plan on free ranging your birds but as a rough guide allow for 5 square feet per chicken in the coop if you have cold snowy winters when your flock will be confined more. The more space you can give them the better. It will prevent fights, bickering & the spread of disease. They will use it all!

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