Built my own coop, now I have 6 chickens!!! eek!


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Apr 26, 2014
Hello! I'm soooo excited, my daughters and I built our chicken coop from all recycled materials and I was able to get 6 chickens gifted to me. I'm excited but my chickens are all scared still. I have read that it's normal for them to take time to go in and out of the coop but it makes me nervous. There is food in the coop but the water is outside. It's not really set up for inside (inside is rather small). It has been raining and cool here and they drank water last night so should I be worried? or are they ok? Should I shoo them outside? or just let them get used to their environment? One of the girls layer a soft shelled egg last night (I thanked her profusely) I'm assuming its because she's scared?

What do I need to do? Just chill? or give them a shoo? :) thanks!
Hello there and welcome to BYC!

Just give them time to adjust to their new digs. Don't shoo them out of the coop. Let them decide when they feel safe coming out on their own. The more time they spend in the coop, the quicker they will get comfortable in their new digs. So on this note, bring the water inside the coop. If they are scared to come out yet, they will get dehydrated.

As for the soft shelled egg, they are probably stressed. Make sure they have plenty of oyster shell on the side for them. You can put some in a low tub for them.

It will take time for them to adjust. They will probably stop laying for a couple weeks. So move slowly around them, try not to pick them up much for a couple weeks, and go sit with them occasionally. Bring some treats and get on their level. Let them know you mean them no harm and you are to be trusted.

They will come around in no time.

Good luck with your new hens! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. Welcome to our flock!
How big is the coop? I wonder if it's not big enough for a waterer if it's big enough for 6 hens? I can't say anything about introducing fully grown hens to a new environment though because I've never done that before. I hope you can get some answers and congrTs on your new flock! Raising chickens is so life-giving! :)

Well.... I should say this... I could put water in there but I don't want it to turn into a disastrous mess.... it's tight quarters and I'm going to hang a self-waterer within the next few days.... sooooo I guess I'm mainly asking if they'll be ok without water in the coop.
If they are hanging out in the run mostly, then you don't need water in the coop. If they are staying mainly in the coop right now, then keep the water in there. Once they get adjusted to your new place, then you really don't need any food or water in the coop unless they are stuck in there due to weather. Where ever they spend much of their time is where you want the food and water.

Thanks for sharing the pic! :)
Ok That makes sense. One more question (wellllll there may be more..... LOL) I wanted to get chickens to teach my kids about business, buying, selling, managing money etc. We were able to start the "business" fairly inexpensively, all materials were donated from local friends (minus a few extra screws and hinges etc)... The cost of feed and bedding was the biggest expense. My plan is to give my daughters a "loan" to cover the cost of bedding and feed. They will be responsible for keeping the coop clean, and feeding the chicks. In return they get to sell the eggs and keep the profit (over expense). What do eggs sell for ? I'm thinking $3 a dozen would be good.... but not sure what the market is. Anyone?
Hello and welcome,

I am sure prices are different everywhere but where we live in N. California eggs go for $4.00 a dozen or a little more if they are really colorful. Colorful eggs are getting a lot more common it seems though.
I really like what you are doing for your girls, should go a long ways in teaching them a lot about life. Good luck and congratulations on your new flock.
Maybe you could keep a small waterier in the coop for now and keep the one you already have and leave it out there till they get used to it. We sell our eggs at about $4. We could probably sell the eggs for more since they are mostly organic.

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