Bully Aseel Hen?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by MrShax, Mar 30, 2015.

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    I have 4 hens and one rooster in my flock, few months ago my brother bought a Aseel hen in to our flock and the Aseel hen was getting along with the flock just like any other hens would.

    but after a few weeks the Aseel hen started bullying one of my little hens, it is always pinching the hen and chasing her around the garden, soon as she comes out of the coop it pinches and chases her, it wont let her come near any of the other hens or near the food.

    now the little hen stays inside the coop and if she comes out she goes under some pallets and stays there, so in order for me to get her out and let her roam around the garden and eat with the rest of the flock i have to put the aseel in the run so she is locked inside the run, only then my little hen will come out and roam around and eat with the rest.

    how do i fix this problem without having to lock the aseel inside a run? please someone help?


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    This will take some time... mainly feeding them together regularly and eventually they may blend back together. I own aseels and the hens are as tempermental as the cocks when it comes to flock invaders. So if the two have ever been seperated for even a day then the aseel will consider the other hen a invader and try to eliminate the threat.

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