Bully Hen


Mar 20, 2015
Southbury CT
Tried to separate a hen that is bullying the other hens.
I put her in a rabbit hutch inside the run so she could still the other hens
She started caring on scratching the the floor wire trying to get out.
The rest of the flock also started pacing back and forth jumping up to she
where she was. So let her out should I have left her in there, I'm at wits end one of
the birds is really beat up.
There isn't much you can do as chickens tend to have a severe pecking order.
we have had a 2 yr old oprington hen who has been the lowest on the pecking order and she lays at least 6 of the 7 da a weeks.
May I add some help we have had in th settling the chickens lifestyle.
My daughter gives them my WET MASH ROBIOTIC RECIPE.
It helps their system get the necessary vitamins And digest their food better.
this also can be feed to chickens when they re sick.
This is for single bird.
I would start with the Vit E and Vit B complex and Selenium with wet mash
A) chickens do get some upset in the gut with E.coli and then it goes to a nervous disorder.
natural probiotic wet mash with Vit E and Vit B complex and Selenium added immediately.
basically the chicken has some nerve damage from the E.coli do this immediately
need neurolodigal vit E and Vit B complex and Selenium for E.coli and the nervous disorder Also the apple cider vineager in water.
(1) 2 tbsp acv per gallon of water till chickens are well and then 2 times a week for life
for one chicken use 1 tbsp of ACV
1 pint of water
(2) immediately give the chicken 1000 mg capsule of liquid Vit E by cutting the end of the capsule and taking the vit E liquid and mix in wet mash probiotic
(2-B) total amt of capsules equals the total amt of chickens fed vit's multiply amt of recipe times amt of chickens fed it and the amt of vit's times amt of chickens given them
(3-A) also need to crush a vit B complex pill in tabsp and add tsp of water to it
put it in the chickens wet mash after it is disolved
(3-B) take a Selenium capsule and crush it in a tbsp and add little water to disolve it and ad to the wet mashalso.
(3-C) then give this to the chicken twice a week for two weeks should see much improvement
after the chicken has eaten the wet mash probiotic clean wet feeder and restock dry crumble feed.
(4 Do both Vit's twice today then for 7 days till you see some improvement in the chicken
(5 today I would see if the chicken will eat a wet mash with the Vitamins E and B complex
natural probiotic wet mash
2 tbp of dry crumbles
1 tbsp flax seed meal (the kind people take)
3 tbp of milk sweet, sour or buttermilk
1 tbsp of non flavored yogurt
2 tbsp of apple sauce
put it on top so the chicken can smell and see it
mix good and put the
vit E liquid as directed in the wet mash
and crumble the Vit B complex tablet in a tabsp with litle waterand add to the wet mash
Crush the Selenium tablet and add water and add to the wet mash
(6 Do this twice a day for 7 days to see if the chicken is better
then do this once a day for another week then once a week for a while
this should give the nervous system some stability and cure the bad E.coli in the gut
(6-A) they should clean it up in 20-30 minutes
this will help them get good gut flora
also put 2 tbsp of ACV in gallon of water and keep giving them this water for a week straight ( do not use ACV while giving medications.
then give it 3-5 times a week for life
Glenda Heywood Cassville Missouri
The poultry supply folks I know do sell
a item for putting on a chicken to stop the bulling hen.


You can by the eye gooles from
Smith Poultry and Gamebird Supply

14000 W. 215th St., Bucyrus, KS 66013-9519

Ph. 913-879-2587 - 7:30 A. M. - 3 P. M CST Monday-Friday

24-hour Fax. 913-533-2497

Just tell terry or John when you call you want the eye restraints to kep chicken from bulling other hens.
These work great.
the hen will be able to see the feed and watr but not able to maneuver around to bully the other hens.
Sometimes separating the bully out will reset the pecking order and stop the bullying. The bully needs to be out of sight and out of hearing of the rest of the birds. That way when she comes back she is 'new' to the flock and no longer 'in charge'. I would separate for at least a week before reintroducing, two if you can stand it. It is not fool-proof, but does sometimes work.

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