Bully pullet and 1 bleeding pullet


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Hi guys,
I hope this is in the correct section. I have 6 EE chicks approx 2 months old and 1 duckling living in a 12x12 coop. Everyone for the most part does okay with eachother. About 2 weeks ago the group pecked the tail feathers out of one( maggie) to the point that she was bleeding and weak. I confined her and went to the feed store for advice. I was told to put a tbsp. of salt in a gallon of water and give that to them for the day. It worked. Everyone was kind to eachother and maggie healed just fine. Today, I have one chick (bent toe) who is being a bully. Maggie is bleeding again from her tail feathers. I have confined her so she can heal and I've put bent toe in solitary because sehe is picking on everyone. What should I do if anything else to remedy the situation. Thanks.

Becareful about giving the salt water. Salt is not good for chickens and can kill them.

It sounds like maybe Maggie is at the bottom of pecking order. Keep her separated until she heals well enough that they won't pick at the blood or they will continue to do so until they kill her. You can use blu kote (will stain everything including you) to disguise the area. It doesn't sound like they are crowded but, could they be bored? Try giving some treats in a suet feeder (or something similar) that you have hung so it swings. They are young yet so becareful of what and how much you give. Or check out the pet section for some toys that will standup to being pecked at.

Good luck!
Thanks for the advice. I'll remember to not give them salt water also, as to them being bored I hide crumbled up boiled eggs and greens in palm fronds for them to find. They seem to enjoy picking the palms apart throughout the day. So I don't think they are bored. Could I put neosporin on their tails to help them heal faster?

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