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    Dec 12, 2015
    Ok I got my first flock of chickens last year. 4 hens and 1 rooster. The rooster is actually older and we got him from a friend who needed to find him a home because he fought with his original rooster. He's been great with the hens and with our family and we love him. This spring we raised a bunch more baby chicks and incorporated them into the flock. We have 12 more with 3 being roosters. I noticed a couple of weeks ago the roosters were roosting on a stick at night in the run instead of going in the coop. I discovered a few nights later the big rooster is keeping them out. Now he's also bullying the young hens and keeping them out. I end up putting them in the coop after Homer has gone to bed and everybody is fine in the morning. Homer doesn't bother the all day long, he just doesn't want them in the coop at night. Any suggestions?
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    Homer is very unlikely to tolerate the young roosters in his flock. Most adult roosters will not allow other males around their hens. The girls may be following the boys outside.
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    Sounds right to me. They are likely following their brothers "monkey see, monkey do". I'd get rid of the other roosters for sure. Then see if the pullets go in. Also old hens are generally not nice to pullets for a while and pick on them. But that will stop once they learn their place.

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