Bully rooster


Oct 9, 2015
I've been raising 13 chickens ( well apparently 6 roosters and 7 hens ) with 2 turkeys since they were little babies. I've never had any issues with them but recently one of the roosters picks on one of my turkeys. The turkey isn't the brightest crayon in the box and gets stuck under the coop.. Rooster sees this and goes in there and starts attacking her . Then she figures out how to get out and the rooster continues to attack . What gives ?!
He could see her as a threat, or just could have an attitude problem. Sounds like you have entirely too many roos for your hens though. One roo to ten hens is a good number. If I were you, I'd get rid of all but one; starting with the one(s) that gives you problems.
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We didn't know we had this many until recently. I've been gone for a month and before I left we couldn't really tell. A friend stopped by recently to see hubby and pointed it out.
Too many cocks in the kitchen.

The poor turkey will get bullied until one of the other cockerals take over, then it may be a double team, or worse.

Our turkeys are 3 times the size of the rooster in their pen, but that doesn't always stop the attempted dominating by the rooster, which is comical to say the least. If it wasn't so much fun watching the rooster get trounced by the turkeys, we'd eat the idiot. I'd recommend the same for about 4-5 of yours.

Good luck.

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