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  1. HenPen42

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    Sep 3, 2012
    I am having trouble with my roosters fighting...Could use some advise...I have had a Bantam Rooster that has been the top rooster for about a Year...but I bought a Domnecker hen and rooster pair about 2 months ago, I expected the the two to fight a little bit till dominance was established, but oh my goodness....I have to keep the separated all the time..I didn't have them in the same pen, but when I come in, in the afternoon, I usually let all the pens out to free range...If I let these 2 guys out at the same time...they fight again..I'm afraid they will fight to the death...The Dominecker if fine with humans, but He won't do anything but taunt my Bantam, and that little guy is a tough Bird...Any suggestions on how to handle these guys, except throwing them in the frying pan...LOL
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    Keep them separate. Two evenly sized and matched roosters MIGHT be able to work things out. The bantam is not going to give up, and the big rooster is likely to kill him.
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    I know the last post was 2009 but couldn't resist sharing this story I heard. A man was having the same problem and had the idea to set a life size stone statue of a rooster in the yard. The bully rooster ended up beating himself frightened of the thing by attacking it with no results other than getting bashed up. All was peaceable after that.
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