Bumble Foot surgery incomplete - healing w/ infection still inside

Little Cheepers

5 Years
Nov 6, 2014
Lawrence, Kansas
Hi y'all, I've read lots of helpful posts on the this forum about Bumble Foot and how to treat it - I'm super appreciative.

Since our chicken's foot was enormously bulging and she was limping, we went ahead and did surgery. We popped out 4-5 huge chunks of infection over a period of 10 days, keeping her wound wet and bandaged, separated from the flock and with a complete round of antibiotics. Fortunately, her swelling went way down and the wound is healing well. Unfortunately, we can tell there is still 1-2 more chunks of infection that are refusing to come out and keeping it swollen.

We're not sure what to do. We don't really want to cut deeper into her foot pad and make her wound worse (and be incredibly painful). We don't really want to continue to keep her wound open and wet - it's already been 2 weeks. We're thinking of letting the wound heal, continuing to put iodine on it ever few days when we change the dressing, and then seeing what happens... does the swelling go down, does she start walking on it, does she get better, or not?

If not, we don't know if we want to put her through all of this again, and are considering putting her down.

Any thoughts, suggestions, experiences? Thanks for your help.

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