Bumble foot?


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Sep 4, 2017
new zealand
Is this bubble foot? If so how do I treat it. Shes a bit sore so had a look and this is what I found
Here it is cleaned up. I didn't want to be to invasive so just bandaged up with some horse abscess stuff I had (iodine based). Not sure if it is infection or just an abrasion. It diddnt really have a scab.
Yes, that is bumblefoot.

There are several different treatment options. Not sure what the horse abscess stuff is, but it would be worth a try if it's like a drawing salve. Soak the foot in epsom salts, dry well, then apply your horse stuff. Wrap the foot - you may want to repeat this for a couple of days - then see if anything is ready to come out - sometimes the hardened pus can be squeezed out.

Alternatively you can perform "surgery" as shown in the following link http://www.the-chicken-chick.com/2011/07/bumblefoot-causes-treatment-warning/
Uh, changed bandage and noticed she has scab on other foot too :hmm . So cleaned soaked in Epsom salts washed with betadine and picked off scabs to see if I could find anything. But couldn't and I'm scared of hurting her. Not sure I have the guts to cut it open :hmm. I don't think they are that bad yet, shes not limping much. And they don't look as bad as some pictures ive seen. So 're bandaged both with more horse foot stuff. Will have another look today. I also compared hers to normal feet and they are both harder than the normal feet. If they get worse i know i will need to do surgery.
Does soaking and poulticing ussually work? To draw it out
Soaking with warm epsom salt water for about 20 minutes will help soften the scab and draw infection up, but not necessarily out. It would be a very long wait to be drawn out. The infection is usually yellowish in color. It's best to cut into the scab and squeeze the heck out of the footpad forcing the infection out. Soak again if necessary to draw infection out and you may have to forcefully squeeze the footpad again, as many times as necessary to remove the infection.
Then flush with betadine, pack the hole with an antibiotic ointment, put a small gauze over the hole and wrap it with vet wrap or duct tape. Cut to fit the vet wrap or duct tape between the toes and footpad and not too tight.
Change it in 3 days; repack, apply gauze and wrap it up. It should be healed in a weeks time.
Lower roosts and sand them down with sandpaper to eliminate burrs/splinters.
If you dont remove all the infection, it will move into the leg bone, then quickly into the chickens system and no amount of antibiotics will save her.

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