Bumble foot


Jul 10, 2020
Hello! I currently have 6 hens with bumble foot. They got into some wood chips and they were digging in them, i believe that is what causes it. What should I do? I watched a video on youtube of a man who pulled the things out with a tweezers but I had no luck. The hens are all still eating and drinking and walking just fine but I would really appreciate some help, Thanks!


Oct 17, 2020
Can you show some pictures? I’m in a situation like yours but with only one hen. 6? Good grief. Are you seeing a central scab on their foot pads? I’ve been soaking my girl in Epsom salts every few days and wrapping her foot. If you see a central scab, soak the foot or feet for 20 minutes in warm water with epsom salt. Then take a tweezers (sanitized in alcohol) and try to see if you can pick off the scab. Under the scab there may be puss or “cottage cheese” looking stuff. If you can get some out, great. If not that is okay too. Once you’ve done as much as you can, you need to make sure the foot is clean and sanitized and then wrap it. Depending on the severity, I once had a hen who was cured by only soaking, no digging in her foot at all. If the scab is tiny I usually just soak and wrap it daily and check up on how it’s doing to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Good luck!

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