bumble foot?

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  1. Two of my spoiled rotten hens have been acting a little less than stellar the last few weeks. First it was one, now a second. I had a post on here yesterday about it with pulling feathers out on their necks, etc. So i flipped my hen over to look at her last night and noticed her foot. It had a 'callus looking thing on it. on the main pad of her foot. Sure enough there is one on the other foot as well. it was small enough I was able to pick it off of her one foot. Looked like it was a scab, and that it was almost open underneath the skin. I soaked the other one and picked it off. Looked like a little puss under it. Not cheesy, runny. I soaked, neosporined and coverd it with cloth bandaids.

    Went to check the other hens for giggles, and yup. I have 4 hens total out of 8 that have these 'callus's on their feet. two really small ones that when i soaked in epsome salt water were only superficial looked like and were only on one foot, and two that were pretty deep. I was not able to get anything out of them at all. Didnt really look like anything was there. No heat, no swelling either. I did pick them off and neosporing and bandaid them all anyway. Hope it was the right thing to do. I checked them and rebandaged them this morning. When I looked all were clean and soft, no openings - could see where the scab thing was, but no opening, no heat, not red, etc. So i re-neosporined, bandaided etc.

    Does this sound like early bumble?

    They have been walking across a lot of pine cones a lot. And their roost is breast high. Wondering if they are bruised and callused/scabbed from that???

    Suggestions PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    could be.bumble foot is like if we get a thorn or splinter in our,cept they cannot remove it,and it gets in their scales.

    You did good, [​IMG] now find out how they got it and fix.pine cones are a good culprit for bumblefoot.the spines can dislogde and insert into feets.

    you might try to walk on pine cones yourself to see how they feel.nevermind...they hurt!!! [​IMG]
  3. that's exactly what happened. I had a pile of them I was picking up because I thought they might be hurtfull to them. I am barefoot all the time, and i have walked across them and ouched a time or two. That is what I think they culprit may be. Especially since four of my 8 have them. I hope i can clear it up before it gets worse.

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