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    I rescued a bird from some sub-par living conditions yesterday (barred rock) and it looks like she may have bumble foot. I'm relatively new to chickens and knew nothing about bumblefoot until yesterday. She had swelling between toes on both feet with what looks like some sort of abcess. This morning I checked her better and I think I caught this early. On the pad of each foot, closer to the toe webbing area is an open wound. It looks like she had an abrasion on each foot and then got some gunk in there where she was staying. They are not scabbed over. I can push on the abcess and this pasty, poopy looking, aweful smelling brown stuff comes out. I soaked her feet in salt water for a little bit and squeezed out what would come without bothering her too much. Based upon what I've read here I'm planning to cut away the blackish spot on the pad near the abrasion after soaker her feet in epsom salts for a while and see if I can get more out. I have to try to find some vet wrap locally. For anyone who has dealt with a wound like this and what I think is early stage bumblefoot is this what you did? I'm planning to keep her on a bed of hay, sequestered until this heals up.

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