Bumblefoot or just a scab?

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    May 5, 2016
    One of my chickens had a seemingly classic bumblefoot scab on her foot however no limping or swelling. We prepared for surgery. Cut off the scab expecting a kernel or pus but nothing! it was just pinkish healthy looking fat/tissue. We poked and prodded but nothing came out. Sprayed vetericyn on it and wrapped her up. Has anyone else come across this? Was it just a scab all along? Hopefully attaching a picture of the scab, didnt get one during surgery unfortunately.[​IMG]
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    Yes sometimes there's just nothing under there. If the area is hot or redness with swelling it needs prompt attention. Otherwise I would suggest to disinfect the area under the scab that was removed, apply polysporin to a piece of gauze placed over the hole and secure with vetwrap. Change the bandage in 3 days and after a few repeats she should be good!
    I am of the school that believes bumblefoot can be treated without surgery. Softening up the foot pad with a wrap for at least a week will allow you to manipulate the access manually, pullout the scab and often drain the abscess. Keeping the area completely clean with gauze, polysporin and vetwrap is key
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