Bumblefoot - possible to have it and not require treatment?


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Jul 18, 2011
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So after my recent bumblefoot 'adventure' with Mildred, I checked all my ducks feet . Which I usually do weekly when I do the deep clean on their houses, but have to admit with the holidays had not done for several weeks (shame on me! Guess I learned my lesson there!) Mocha has a small spot on one of her feet as well. It was there the last two times I checked her feet, but figured it was nothing as it looks pretty much the same as when I first saw it. Has not gotten any bigger, but it does have a dark, small center (scab - they need to stay out of the blackberries
). So can they have bumblefoot that doesn't require treatment (in that it is not getting any worse) or am I gambling with her health and should take care of that as well?
Good question. I'd like to know the answer to that too. I would imagine taking care of it before it gets worse would be best. I don't know if it's something that will go away.
If I find a small bumble, I start putting triple antibiotic ointment on it right away, for two to six weeks, until it's all gone (there's usually a slight bump left - hardly anything but stretched skin).

The first few days I aim to apply the antibiotic two to three times a day, then after it's reduced in size, I continue for a few more weeks. It takes a while, but there's no need to open the bumble and require more complicated care.

We've done this probably half a dozen times in two years. So far, it works.
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It may get better on its own, but its best to err on the side of caution just because it will take longer to heal if it gets worse from this point. I didn't catch my duck's bumblefoot for a little while until I noticed she was walking slowly (for her thats pretty weird). She had three cracked knobby bumbs on each foot and I felt awful. I checked out what I could do to help her inexpensively and I remembered I had Bag Balm-its a cow udder goo thats nice and thick and stays put. I use it on any of my cracked or dry skin and scars or scabs and its a miracle worker. After 2 applications a day for a week my duck's foot was pretty nicely healed with no reoccurance.
I'd check into having that on hand, it comes in a big green tin with pictures of cows and udders, its so useful to have on hand and works wonders with bumble foot.

hope your duck does well and recovers.

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