Bumblefoot? Scaley Leg Mites? Foot Pad Dermatitis?


Jun 21, 2022
Hello! I believe I have my first case of bumblefoot, but I'm not sure? I noticed swelling on my Speckled Sussex's feet, so I picked her up and looked at her pads and saw one scaley scab at the bottom of each foot (first 2 pics). Both pads are swollen/ puffy. They're not too firm though, but not squishy either. My other chickens don't like being touched or picked up, so I looked at their feet at night when they were sleepy, and it appears one of my other hens has the same scaley scab on one foot (3rd pic). None of the scabbed areas were the prominent dark scab/ plug like I've seen while reading other threads and through Google searches. Maybe it's not bumblefoot? Or maybe I'm just catching it early enough. What do you all think? I bought all of the needed materials (epsom salt, triple antibiotic without pain reliever, vetwrap, betadine, PRID (drawing salve), etc) but I don't want to soak and wrap their feet if it's not bumblefoot. I certainly don't want to cut them open yet either if it's not bumblefoot! I do think it also looks like they could have scaley leg mites? Could the scabs be from that? Thank you for your help, input, and advice!!!


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That looks like bumblefoot to me. It's not scaly leg mites, because their legs are smooth, and the scales aren't sticking up at all. It also doesn't look very far along, which means you've caught it quickly.

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