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    Jun 28, 2011
    I am so confused & worried! I am new to raising chickens. They are my pets and friends. I noticed a bump on my chicken, Clementine's foot and pointed it out to my mom. We stopped at the old hatchery and was told to go online and look up Bumblefoot. Well, that was 2 days ago. My mom has been on the phone and computer trying to figure this out. It is really bad! About 6 of the chickens my dad got me have it. Mom has a very queezey tummy. I want to be a vet. So, I tried to operate on Clementine. She is doing fine I think but it is REALLY bad. It took mom & me 2 hrs just on one foot. The lady on YouTube made it look easy. But, I am not a vet yet. Is there an easier & less stressful cure for the chickens, mom & me?[​IMG]

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