6 Years
Oct 12, 2013
north Jersey
is this bumblefoot or just caked on poop? Its my rooster and he seems to be walking and acting fine
I'd lean towards it just being caked on manure. If your unsure, try washing it off. If a black scab/area remains, it may be bumblefoot, though not a bad case for now.
Okay thank you. After dark ill take him off the roost and soak it in some warm water. I did try to pick at it but it wasnt coming off easily and I didnt want to rip it off if it is a scab
If it is bumblefoot could I get away with putting an antibiotic cream on it and wrapping it or will it need to be dug out?
Looks like a lot of photos of bumblefoot I've seen. I know of an herbal tincture that would clear that up. It's good that you caught it now But most of it is probably growing into his foot. Try Moonlightmileherbs.com. Many have used this woman's bumblefoot remedy and it works great. I bought her stuff for the inevitable day that this hits my flock.
Yes I believe it is worth waiting for. A lot of good people have used this product and it worked. The woman who created it is a certified Herbalist and has a very large flock of many types of birds. She grows her own herbs and uses all her stuff on her own flocks. The only other way to deal with bumblefoot that I know about is surgery (cutting it out by yourself) or taking it to the vet. I would imagine there is some sort of antibiotic, if you use them.
Thank you for the information! I am only home for the weekend, I have to go back to school tonight. My mom cares for the chickens during the week so I needed to do something this weekend to try to get him healed so that by friday I can see if he needs to go to the vet or not (because I am not experienced enough to cut the infection out)
I went to TSC and got vetericyn and I sprayed that on some gauze and wrapped his foot, then yesterday I soaked his foot in Epsom salt and wrapped it again. This morning the scab was already starting to break up. So ill soak his foot again before I leave and my mom will keep itwrapped this week and if by friday there is no more improvement im going to bring him to the vet. But if the vet is going to charge an outrageous amount im going to give the herbal remedy a try!
Thanks again!

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