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Artistic Bird Nut
11 Years
Dec 16, 2011
Does this new fella have bumblefoot? I JUST got him. What do you think this is, and how do I treat it?

Tell me if you need a better/more specific picture.
Not bumblefoot. It looks like he lost the ends of his toes, probably to frostbite. Wash them well and keep them clean, they will heal. If you have Blu Kote, spray them to prevent infection.

Poor guy.
Anything particular I should wash them with? Would soaking them in Epsom salts help? I do have blu kote. It'll match his feathers. :)
No, you just need them clean so infection can't set in. Then when they are dry, spray them well. He'll look dashing.
I've been washing and applying Blu Kote as needed and already one of his feet is almost normal. On his left foot, his middle toe is still pretty swollen. He his right foot has no claws and only three on his left. Poor guy!
So far so good, keep at it!

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