Bumpy chicken beak - Fowl Pox?


May 16, 2017

I'm new to posting on BYC, but have a reasonably new member of the family, a little frizzle who joined us a coupe of weeks ago. She's been doing fine and is such a snuggly little thing, but also active and loves a good run around the yard.

About a week ago I noticed one bump on her beak, I was unsure if it was just a "unique beak" or something else... we've been watching closely and it's definitely something else.

She definitely has two scab kind of areas on side of mouth and on top of beak plus what looks to be more bumps starting - they start off white/skin color and seem to scab up - about 4-5 in total, only two look scabby. I've checked for lumps and discolor in beak, nothing there (yet). She is eating and drinking well, has diarrhea though. what seems to be a small streak of yellow discharge near the top beak bump...no respiratory issues as yet that I have seen or heard.

I've been going through the forums and there are many chickens with bumps, but most of the posts I've found are old, I can't see photos or the bumps are different.

Looking for any ideas or suggestions on what it could be and what I should do for her.

Is she housed with other chickens?
Could someone be pecking her?
She is only with one other chick (a younger sussex), and they seem happy enough and there are no squabbles over food/water and they roost together and follow eachother around - basically inseparable :) We have 3 others who are about 2 months older, but the two new ones haven't been introduced to those ladies yet and are being kept separate until the young sussex and this bantam get a bit older. They start with a small lump that grows, no broken skin and there is nothing for them to rub against in their coop (eg. feed / water containers).

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