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Hi everyone,

I am new to this site, please excuse me if there is already an answer posted - I couldn't find it.

I have 2, 3 year old chucks, who produce super eggs. However, yesterday, one of them laid an egg that is like something out of a horror movie. The shell is 'wrinkled'. I know that she is coming to the end of her laying days, (allegedly) but bumpy egg shells set off the alarm bells. Is this a one off, or is there an underlying problem? We live in Bulgaria where animal welfare simply doesn't exist, so I know that if I ask either a local person or the vet, the answer will be "Oh just kill it!.

If anyone has a solution or information, I would really appreciate it.
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It sounds like a corrugated egg shell, though I'm only guessing from your description. There is more info on egg problems and their causes here:

Thank you Sumi,,

from the link, I can say that is exactly what the problem is. Mind put at rest, I will monitor their calcium intake, the other reasons don't apply.

The eggs are huge, I think, for such small ladies, weighing in at between 2 3/4 and 3 ozs . My first reaction when they laid was "Lord, I bet that brought tears to your eyes", but they continue to regularly produce the same size eggs.

The only predators that we have are pole cats, but the dogs keep them away, Oh, and humans of course - one of my hens 'mysteriously' disappeared Christmas Eve last year. Originally I got 4, one of which was very sickly, and sadly died. This is Bulgaria, chickens are bought at the market, and you have to take your chances as to how healthy they are.

As a complete novice, I mistakenly brought 2 more chicks into the fold a couple of months ago. Chaos! I thought that they would just fit in - what a doughnut! Worse still, one of the chicks is growing into a rooster which is most certainly not appreciated by the older 2!

I will learn and with the help of your fantastic website, I might just even get it right.

Thank you so much again,
You're welcome, Chrissie. Glad we could help. There is a lot of good info here on anything chicken related that you can think off. Enjoy the site and good luck!

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