Bumpy, pitted, thinner, shell? To worry?


11 Years
Oct 24, 2008
SF Bay Area, CA
This is my first post --so first off thanks for all the great info on these pages. This site has given us great comfort and amusement this last year, our first as a chicken family. We have three Redstars (not quite a year old) super sweet great layers.

We've had eggs with bumps and through my reading here I haven't been concerned -and may not need to be this time, but the texture is so different and the shell a lot thinner and it's been two days in a row.
I don't want any surprises.

No change in behavior or visible health.

I did recently grind up a bunch of their old egg shells and mix it in to their kitchen leftover treats - I have done this before, but perhaps used more this time. They also get oyster shells sprinkled in their run for scratching for, but I've been out for a few days. They are also out free ranging our backyard for many hours a day.

The first photo is the two eggs in question next to a normal egg from another girl. The next two are close ups -you can see that there are also pits in the shell as well as bumps.

In The Chicken Health Handbook there is a mention of "Pimpled Eggs" as a vitamin D excess - what do you think?




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