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    I am a rabbit newb. Have had a mini rex for several weeks. She has been in the garage in a hutch - one of those TSC style hutches... you know, wooden, 3'x4', sits off the ground, wire on three sides, sloping roof, etc. We gave her an open-topped wooden box to use as a bed, it's about the size of a shoe box and we put a couple of T-shirts in it. She likes to hang out in it; keeps it clean.

    However, we plan to move the hutch outdoors for the summer. Sit it in a fenced yard (6ft. chain link; should keep dogs & other critters out...)
    Here's my question:
    Should we make her an enclosed box to go inside the hutch? It is often windy & rainy, here in Michigan. I have seen "nest boxes" on the pet supply websites, but what I was thinking was a little burrow, like 9 inches high, 9 inches deep and 14 inches long - a wooden box with a little hole for an entrance. Would a rabbit use this? My family is not at all handy, so this might be a stretch. I will do it if it makes sense.

    Thank you for all input.
  2. Our rabbits are in the barn during the winter and outside during spring, summer, and most of the fall...
    Most of the rabbits have some form of a 'house' to go into...But we have a few cages that do not have houses on the backs...
    So what we have done is for the smaller rabbits....take an ice cream bucket with the lid on it, and cut an access hole for the rabbit to jump into...(if needed you can poke 2 or 4 holes in the bottom to wire it into place so the rabbit doesn't move it)...
    For the larger rabbits we do the same thing with a 3-5 gal. bucket. Those depending on the cage and rabbit are either left standing up, or for some of the larger ones we turn the bucket on it's side...Then you don't even need to cut a hole cuz you just let the rabbit hop in the opening that is already there....
    These work wonderful for our rabbits, all stay very healthy and happy. One of our does even used it as her nest when she had babies--wanted nothing to do with a 'nestbox'...
    I live in WI so I completely understand about the 'weather'....When it's really hot here we put something over the top of the cages to help them have more shade if wanted....Otherwise they LOVE being outside....
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you! [​IMG]

    I LOVE your idea of using a bucket, because it means I don't have to risk my fingers using a saw!!! [​IMG]
  4. Quote:HAHAAHAH at the time I started using the buckets that was one of my thoughts too...Plus they're free that was another added plus...

    I can't justify spending $15 on a nesting box/house for the rabbits when I have so much stuff here I could use...We have even used other containers before (tops to the walk in cat litter boxes, or even the whole litter box set up...of course they are scrubbed clean before using...)
    We did try using cardboard boxes for awhile...and that was ok when we only had a few that we needed that for, but because of needing to replace them every so often (more so if it rained) they were kinda pointless after awhile...The buckets don't need to be replaced just make sure to clean it regularly specially if they end up going to the bathroom in them on occassion...
  5. Several years ago I built a rabbit hutch for some clients. It turned out to be quite the hutch. It had two stories, and made out of Cedar. The most important thing was the wire that the little bunnies walked on. It had openings that were 1/2" X 1 1/2" I think. It is easy on their feet, and lets the poop fall through on to a board that allows the poop to roll out the back of the hutch. I got it at the farm store. You can buy it by the foot. I am sure that a simpler hutch will be just fine, but I think the wire floor is important. It was very important to the rabbit people I built it for. I do not have any rabbits myself.
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    I keep my rabbits outside all year in a hutch. Since the one you are describing has multiple sides open to the elements i would put something like plexiglass or visquene(sp?) around it to block out the wind and rain when it is too cold.
    I also put in a box like the one you described: wooden rectangular box with a removable lid and an arched hole in the front. They were very simple to make and the only hard part may be cutting the wood. It would be worth it as the rabbits love them and it keeps them warm and safe.
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    I am new to rabbits myself.... and I just finished building my second hutch. The first one my husband helped me SOME, but the second one I done by myself, except for putting the tin on top. I am pretty proud of them.

    This one has a divider in the middle making it two pens...


    This one has the box on the end for my moms/babies.




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    Sep 18, 2007
    We our bunny in a 6' x 6' kennel. I put hardware cloth around the bottom as when we first got them they scooted right through--they are mini rexes. Watch at your gate area, you may need to adapt it so the bunny can't get through--I extended the hardware cloth. I used a board across the bottom of the gate to help keep them in when we were going in and out. We put a tin roof on and I laid wire down in the bottom to keep them from digging out--and rabbits love to dig.


    In the winter, we left them in there and wrapped the whole kennel in clear plastic.
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    We've used a bucket laid on it's side and wired to the cage as well. My last rabbit was stupid though, he filled it up with poop [​IMG]

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