Bunny is making her nest!!


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Jan 25, 2008
Just had to share my excitement, my blue silver fox doe is fanticaly making her nest!!! now if only my Blanc e Hotot would follow in her foot steps I would be one very hapy lady!
won't be long now!
well i cant wait, im going to get up, get dressed and run out and check, i have a test in the am what am i thinking...lol

Bummer no babys yet but has one heck of a nest going on! Oh well will check in the am and of curse I will have to take pics...who want to see little naked babys tomorow?? I know I sure do!
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yeesh!!! still no babys!! but she is almost bald on her chest and that is one big nest!! WE are about to get a storm so hopefully that will cause her to give birth.
Can you believe it but no! Im begining to wounder if rabbits have fasle pregnancys too? I have no idea whats going on with her
Yes rabbits have false pregnencys.
give her anywhere from 12 hours to a week for babys after fur pulling, some does pull a week in advance some pull just before delivering.
It all depends on the doe.
feel around every inch of the thest box she could have had them you just havent felt them yet
congradulations on the Blue Fox litter.
what is /was her due date? usually 2 days past they can give birth and I have some fox who wont deliver before day 35.
again all depends on the doe.

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