Bunny Problems


Mar 12, 2019
I own a very cute Lions head bunny named Nala. Nala was born in Jan of this year. She is crazy agressive. Lunging, boxing, biting, growling, thumping. She hates me. I cannot groom her or give her nail care. She comes at me every time I try to feed/water her. Due to it being end of days when I have to clean her litter box I have backed up and now only clean it once a week to reduce stress on both of us. She has a 4ft×4ft cage with toys being replaced as she destroyes them. She is being spayed in the next week or two.
I am at a loss with her agression. I have watched so many videos and read so many blogs about what to do to reduce agression. I have spent so much time just sitting next to her cage hoping for some sign that she might one day allow us to become close.
If spaying doesn't reduce her agression, is there any hope I will ever have a relationship with my bunny? I really wanted a bunny who i could love but instead I got one I can't even touch.
My lionhead crosses have been aggressive. Not all of them, but enough that I wouldn't own them again. Spaying may help. Yours is still young and hormonal. I found after about a year or so they settle down a bit without spaying, but they still remain moody.
With all the good rabbits out there, why are you wasting time with this one? It seems to me it is time to cut your losses and put this one in the crock pot. Don't unload her on another unsuspecting person who wants a pet. I don't know if you have a particular breed preference, but I once had a New Zealand buck that was a wonderful pet. Some of the lops are great pets, too. Plus they are really cute. At least I think they are.
My Lionhead shows signs of aggression, although he's never actually aggressive. He'll nip occasionally, growl, and act sassy but I've had him for years and he's neutered so he's pretty sweet to me. Perhaps it's the breed.

I've never had experience with an actual mean rabbit like yours, but the only thing I could say is wait for her to be spayed, keep sitting next to her cage as much as possible, and perhaps try to talk to her to let her get used to your voice, too. The only other thing is offer treats (just not too many) and try to win her over that way.
When I’ve had cage aggressive bunnies I move them to different cages every other day. They tend to get over themselves pretty quickly.. in regards to arguing about her grooming- take her into a different area. I had one buck that was a perfect angel if I groomed him outside-but was a holy terror in the barn. Spaying or breeding might help, but grouchy rabbits usually stay grouchy.
Spaying will definitely help. Have you tried laying on the floor (standing is more threatening) an letting the bun out of its area? That's how I bonded with mine ....she would come sniff me at first and then would jump on me. Treats help alot!!!! Fresh herbs.

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