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franciena fancy

6 Years
Apr 25, 2013
i have a lionhead bunny Sophia,and she has been through quite a bit in her time with us including a broken foot,and a bad case of ryeneck that i got really lucky to have been able to cure.does anybody know what the average life expectancy is for lionhead bunny? Sophia lives like a princess in doors with me while her sister Emma has a house of her own in the backyard.Amazingly she stays outside yearround,enduring this New England weather with no Problem.Emma isn't a lionhead.They sure are cute though,don't you think?

Does anyone know what breed she is?


POOF Goes the Pooka
11 Years
Nov 27, 2009
Wilmington, NC
Rabbits can live 10 years or more; I've had a couple bucks that lived to be at least 12. Does usually don't live as long unless they've been spayed, but 5 or 6 years is reasonable.

The eye circles on Dwarf Hotots are usually a bit smaller and neater than Emma's. A lot of the broken Netherland Dwarfs that I have seen have very little color on them; Emma could be a broken Dwarf.


Free Ranging
11 Years
Nov 10, 2010
NE Wisconsin
Hotot's are typically all white except for the black eyeliner.
I had one when I was in college, but she was a broken Hotot, a throw back to the black and white mottled ancestry. She was a lover, though!

Very cute bunnies!

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