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    May 8, 2014
    Last Memorial Day my house burned to the ground. The fire took with it a 10' x 20' deck, two sheds, and sadly, my nine chickens that I was raising from chicks inside the house. These were my first chickens and they were just old enough to go into the coup I built near the house the very next day. I have decided to try again this year to raise chickens and thought the best place to put the coop and run is where the deck used to be since it has a nice 6" high concrete "skirt" around the area of the deck. The area is already 3/4 fenced with a 4' high welded wire utility (deer) fence. The deck was redwood and burned down to the support posts into the ground.

    The problem I have with the area is the dirt is cover with black ash. I have tried to scrape the area down to the dirt but since we have had rains over the last year the ash and charcoal dust has gone way down into the soil. I still think this would be a good place for the run since the fence and concrete would keep out most predators. Does anyone see a problem with having the chickens in a run with soil that has a little charcoal in it?
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    Only if the charcoal is from treated lumber that had burned which the deck probably was.

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