Burrowing critters, anyone have a suggestion for a cheap security cam?


9 Years
May 22, 2010
We have something burrowing holes into my pens & I want to know what it is before doing something about it. We've suspected squirrels since there are a lot of them around. We've had rats in the past & they became quite bold over time where we saw them during the day. This is not the case right now, so I'm thinking it may be the squirrels instead. I've set a live trap in various places with no success, so am thinking about getting an inexpensive night vision security camera to figure out what is causing the problem. Does anyone use these, and if so can you make a recommendation? It would be used outdoors, preferably run on batteries & how the heck do you veiw the footage from these things? Any experts, please help. thanks much, Karen


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Quote:Wow, that seems like a really good deal! I hesitated to do any research on this issue, figuring all the systems would be too expensive for my budget.

Could you tell us any tips or issues that we should know about? And thanks for posting this! It's so affordable!

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