But I don't Have a Rooster !?


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Mar 19, 2007
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I did do a search on this, I found out so far that an Andulusian (sp) type hen might crow. When I say crow, I mean "cock a doodle do"

This morning I heard "cocka doodle do" really loud ! I have 2 red sex links and a mutt. Ruby is the boss (red sex link) could she have done that? I need a little verification on that it does happen?

There are no other chickens in my area at all. At first I thought there was a wild rooster in my yard. No it was Ruby. Is this really true? I can't have a rooster for obvious reasons, I'm hoping it only happens once in a blue moon.
from what I have read - a hen will crow when no rooster is around. and you are sure Ruby is a hen - laying eggs and all ?

maybe she will only done it once in awhile ??

Oh - I had to step out for awhile.. Yes Ruby is a girl, I've had her since May and she lays a big brown egg for me every day, even all winter with an exception of a day or two. My three are girls. I just went out to look around in the woods behind me.... nothing indicates a rooster is around, and when I looked at Ruby she gave me the "I didn't do it" look.

I'm kinda stumped.
i had one like that....since theres no roo she became the dominant hen and dont ask me why but almost every morning she would crow....this wasnt minee but it was my grandparents but i think she was a mutt too

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