butcher day - finished one more question


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Dec 6, 2007
I have about 30 cx that i will butcher tomorrow. I have never done this many. Here's my question... if i plan to cut them up - do i do it before or after i let them rest?
I plan to do a mix of whole birds and cut up. thanks!
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You can cut them up first, it's not an issue they will do fine resting and aging while cut up. good luck by the way, and don't forget to withold their feed from now until tomorrow and give plenty of water.
thanks the feeders are empty and i have automatic waterer so they should be good to go. I bought a stainless steel tub plucker that has built in water and i am anxious to see how it works. This will be my first time using it. The scalding is where i have had trouble before. I also have a dark cornish trio and have abot 20 dark cornish hatching right now. I hope to breed my barred rocks and the dark cornish and get some type of meat bird. I really hope it works so i don't have to buy them all the time and can raise my own. I know they won't grow as fast as the cx, but i hope it works.

I paid paid a pretty penny for the plucker so i hope it all works out. I'm not that worried about breaking even. I just want good natural meat. that is chemical free! I raised two hogs last year and have a bought a cafe that i hope to butcher in the fall.

oh well we will see ....
You will absolutely love the Plucker it works better than your wildest dreams, so easy and so fast. it will totaly pluck a whole feathered carcas in 10-20 seconds flat. even if you put 2 or 3 in there at once. good luck and don't forget we want pic's LOL, no seriously.
i probably won't sleep tonight trying to plan in my head the whole event LOL
I have slaughter about 10 birds and this will be an experience for sure.
i buil a screeen basket to put at the feather discharge of the plucker and have a pan with a drain fitting that i can hook up a water hose to drain the water away - may i can keep my feet dry.
OK the deed is done! It all went very well. about 10 minutes from run to cooler.

The plucker is awesome! I have them packed in two coolers, with water, salt and ice.

I really didn't know how much salt to use - so i used 3 hand fulls. in each cooler full of water.

Do i need to change the water daily. I already have once because the water was very tinted with blood.

so should i change the water tomorrow and for the next three days or leave it alone and keep them iced.

I'd keep the water clean.

But I put mine into plastic bags so they don't come into contact with the water. I want them cooled, not to have the flavor soaked out.
i am doing the deed this weekend and I would also like to know the cooler question. I was planning on letting them cool in the ice water with a little salt and then bag them up and throw them in the freezer.

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