Butchering process help?


Oct 24, 2016
Hello! This year is my first time butchering our meat chickens.
We have the set up ready and everything, the only thing I'm confused about is the resting process.
I've seen people leave their birds in their fridge and others just put them in a cooler with ice. My fridge is kinda small, but I have a large enough deep freezer and a cooler.
Could I just let the chicken meat rest in the cooler with ice? Or would that be too cold?
Any advice is helpful! Thanks!
How long do you rest it in the cooler for?
Until rigamortis passes...until the joints move freely. CX might be 24 hrs... an older bird might be 3 days. I had a old big turkey in for 5 days.
If you freeze while still in rigor, just let still in fridge after thawed until they loosen up
Depending on how many birds, and their size, you may want to keep them on ice and only freeze what your freezer can handle. Depending on the freezer you have, some have a special "quick freeze" shelf with an extra coil in that shelf, others might have instructions to only add certain percentage of the capacity.

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