Butchering Sick Chicken


Oct 25, 2019
We butchered some 20 month old hens today. One had thick yellow clumps in her ovaduct. This was not immature eggs. I've never seen anything like it. She also had odd green spots on her liver. Color of bile but not where bile should be. I disposed of her. But am curious about what was going on with her. She was a Welsomer and free ranged during the summer. Looked healthy otherwise. Does anyone know what the problem was? Thanks
Did you take any pictures of the organs? The yellow clumps could have been lash egg material, a product of salpingitis (inflammation of the oviduct.) Spots on the liver could be infection or a viral type of cancer. Sorry for your loss.
This is a picture of a liver affected by Mareks disease, but spots can also be a sign of bacteria:

I did some googling after started the thread and I'm sure you are right about the salpingitis. I don't know about the spots but maybe part of the illness or she also had something else going on. They were green like bile but small and scattered across the liver. I don't have pics.

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