May 11, 2015
Hi! I'm fairly new at chicken raising. Today I took 8 Roosters in to be butchered. Much to my dismay 3 of my rare breed organically raised roosters died. I had them in a box overnight in my car since I was leaving early in the morning to take them to the butcher. The butcher said they probably overheated because my box was not well ventilated! I did not consider the body heat factor due to my inexperience.

The butcher cut off the dead chickens heads right away. One didn't bleed out, 2 bled out slowly. I hate the thought of throwing away my investment. They were well cared for, free ranged and fed a lot of good organic mixes.

Should I eat the ones that bled out slowly?

Lesson learned. :-(
I wouldn't eat any of the ones that died from overheating in the box. You don't know how long ago they died for sure.

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